Ten Mile River Watershed Council 501c3 

  Neglected, Forgotten, Reborn. 

Water & Land Cleanups

This years cleanup will be held on April 8th From 9-1 meeting at the Carousel in Slater Park
Land and Water cleanup of Central Pond. April 16, 2016 from 9am-1pm. This will be an extensive cleanup of the water. We will have 5 teams coving different sections of the water. The 5 colors in picture on left will represent each team. I will be looking for volunteers for each team. There will be a drop off location at the greenway bridge for those persons cleaning the northern half of pond.This trash will then need to be transported to Kim Ann Rock. We may also have another drop off location at Newman Ave. More information to come
The central pond cleanup was a huge success. Thanks to all those who volunteered.

For information or to sign-up: [email protected]

April 2015 tire & trash removal, Slater park section of ten mile river

Cleanup photos from past events