Ten Mile-Runnins Watershed Council 501c3 

  Two Watersheds, One Council    The Ten Mile & Runnins River


Hiking and Paddling are two of the most popular forms of recreation. They are two of the best ways to get out and enjoy the outdoors. The Ten Mile-Runnins River Watershed Council holds several hikes and paddles throughout the year to bring people and the river together. Please check the upcoming events to see if there is one that you would be interested in. Also the TMRWC works in partnership with these resources dedicated to hiking and paddling.


Hiking and Paddling Resources: 

Rhode Island Blueways Alliance is a group dedicated to creating Blueways in the Narragansett Bay Watershed. A great resource for those interested in paddling. www.exploreri.org

Rhode Island Canoe and Kayak Association is a group based in RI dedicated to paddling rivers throughout New England. www.ricka.org.

 Narragansett Chapter of the AMC is the RI chapter of this legendary club. This group leads several hikes, paddles, and bike rides in the RI area. www.amcnarragansett.org.

Trails and Walks in Rhode Island is an award winning web page dedicated to trails in RI and nearby MA and CT. A great place to find a new trail. www.trailsandwalksri.wordpress.com

 Providence County Hiking Club is a group that is dedicated to enjoying the trails of Providence County. This group leads monthly hikes. PCHC also performs trail work throughout Northern RI and will be partnering with the Ten Mile-Runnins River Watershed Council on trail improvments at Hunt's Mills. www.facebook.com/groups/237855169699049/

East Providence Conservation Commission  like the Providence County Hiking Club, the EPCC works very closely with the TMRWC on many projects including trails management at Hunt's Mills and guided hikes. The EPCC is a very active group, leading cleanups, hikes, and other events in the city. The City of East Providence donated storage space to the TMRWC at Hunt's Mills. www.eastprovidenceri.net/conservation

There are countless other organizations dedicated to hiking and paddling in the RI area. The groups listed above are involved in our efforts and have partnered on various events or projects, either as a group or through their membership. The TMRWC looks forward to continued partnership with all of them.