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TMRWC Board Meeting Minutes 2017

Minutes of the Ten Mile River Watershed Council Board of Directors Meeting

January 25, 2017

14 Wilton Avenue, Pawtucket RI 02861

Members in attendance were: Ben Cote, Alissa Cote, Keith Gonsalves, Deb Gonsalves, Bob Rolke, Victoria Richards, Marjorie Turner Holman, Bill Luther, Cindy Rose, Danni Goulet, Susie Dejesus, Audrey Walsh, Arianna Dunton, James Wertheimer.

Guests in attendance were: Chris Gauthier (Citizens Against the Rehoboth Compressor Station).

Ben called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM.

Chris Gauthier from Citizens Against the Rehoboth Compressor Station gave an overview of the planned compressor station proposed for the Rehoboth/Seekonk/Attleboro border. The Council heard his concerns, thanked him and agreed to put our position to vote later in the meeting.

Alissa made a motion to approve the September minutes, it was 2nd by Cindy.

Cindy gave a business report. She reported that the Council had 27 paying members at the close of 2016, as well as 4 business members. She stated that the Council recieved 3 donations in 2016. Bob made a motion to approve, it was 2nd by Keith.

Ben reviewed the following past events: Fall Festival at Slater Park, Harvest Moon Walk, Members Picnic, Bungay River Cleanup, and Holiday Walk. Ben stated that the second night planned for Harvest Moon was rained out.

Ben reported that he, Bill, and Dan went before the Attleboro Conservation Commission in September to discuss the Bungay River Wild and Scenic Plan. He also reported that he had been in contact with the National Parks Service and they suggested getting a larger designation area. Ben presented a plan to add in sections of the Ten Mile and Seven Mile Rivers in addition to the Bungay. The Council agreed. Bill suggested that the Council hold another paddle on the Bungay to raise awareness. Dan suggested that we try to do it the day after the Attleboro Cleanup. The Council agreed.

There was no Greenway Stewardship Report.

Keith reported that the doors at the shed have been painted. Keith also stated that he will contact the fire department about removing the foam that is still in the building.

Dan reported that the buffer zone along the River at the Robbins Park site has been removed and that the boat launch is set to be constructed in the near future.

Ben reported that he sent a letter of support on behalf the Council to the town of Seekonk for a grant to clean up the Maple Street Property for better access to the River. The Council agreed to follow the progress at that site.

Marjorie spoke about a new trail guide for the Ten Mile Watershed. It would be a third installment in her Easy Walks in Massachusetts series and would be called Easy Walks in the Ten Mile River Watershed. Ben suggested that we put together a steering committee and start to work on the project. Marjories stated that the Council would have to get grant money to get it published. The Council voted unanimously to do the project. A steering committee will be put together within a few weeks.

Bill suggested that the Council join Citizens Against the Rehoboth Compressor Station in opposing the proposal by helping to get the word out and attending meetings. Ben suggested putting something on our website about the project. The Council agreed by unanimous vote.

Keith stated that there will be a public fish count training on March 26th from 10:00-12:00 at Hunts Mills. Keith will send information to local newspapers.

Keith stated that he will not be taking part in the Salt Water Fishing Show this year.

Ben reported that the Land and Water Summit will be March 11th at URI. He suggested that the Council pay for 3 members to attend as in the past. The Council agreed. Ben, Alissa and Bob volunteered.

Bob stated that there will be a sunrise walk on the Greenway on March 19th at 6:30 AM for members. Meet at the bend in the road in Slater Park.

Bob reported that there will be a cleanup in Slater Park on April 8th. More details will be worked out at the March meeting.

Ben reported that work will begin at Newman Crossing to replace the bridge. Impacts on the water level in Central Pond and Turner Reservoir is unknown at this point.

Ben stated that he does not yet know the dates of the Pawtucket and Attleboro City cleanups.

Cindy stated that she will mail out all memberships by March 1st.

Ben stated that our membership to the Massachusetts Rivers Alliance has expired and suggested renewing it. The Council agreed by unanimous vote.

Deb made a motion to adjourn at 8:22 PM. It was 2nd by Alissa.

The next meeting will be March 29, 2017 at 6:30 PM at 14 Wilton Avenue, Pawtucket, RI 02861.

Respectfully Submitted,

Alissa Cote


Ten Mile River Watershed Council